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Portland SEO

Hey, congratulations on finding this page. Actually, hopefully this page was pretty easy to find, since it is ranking pretty darn well on Google for some key phrases in regards to SEO in Portland, Oregon. Do you want to be able to rank highly for key phrases relevant to your business? Good thing you’re here, we want you to be able to do that too. Umbrella Avenue is a local SEO agency (also called SEM, search engine marketing) that is based right here in Portland, OR. Apart from designing and developing beautiful new websites worthy of being seen, one of our main jobs is helping other local businesses hit that #1 spot on Google. What does that involve?

Portland is a pretty great city, the majority of our team spent most of their childhoods growing up in the PDX metro area. Over the years, the city has gotten a lot bigger and competition between businesses here keeps growing too. Website traffic is important because more and more people are using the internet to find out about businesses near them. That certainly includes the good people of Portland. Each and every one of those people are potential customers, but how many of them are going to your competitor’s websites instead of yours?

Did you know that 95% of Google users never make it past the first page? Hundreds or thousands of searches are done every month for your industry within Portland. If you’re not on the first page (or even better in the very top spot on the first page) then you’re missing out on all that business! If you’re not using SEO to boost your Portland business’ search engine ranking then you’re missing out on money in your pocket. It’s as simple as that.

You could do it yourself, but as a business owner I’m sure you have a lot on your plate already. Do you really want to spend years researching the best ways to optimize your website for Google, let alone implement all those changes to your site? You might think it would be better to just run some ads on Google instead. Those can work, but they cost a lot of money and studies have shown that 95% of people using search engines intentionally avoid ads. That’s why hiring an SEO company or agency to increase your search engine results is so helpful.

We’ve spent those years studying search engine optimization across multiple search engines for you. Okay, it’s actually only been Google. I’m sorry Bing and Yahoo (...kind of), you are only used about 3% of the time… combined. Google pulls in over 92% of all search traffic so it really only makes sense to optimize your site based on their algorithms. The other search engines are going to rank you off of a lot of the same characteristics anyways. What does all that mean?

But hey, there are other companies that offer SEO in Portland. There are even more Portland area SEO companies. (We also offer SEO all over the Portland area too!) There’s no use in denying that. But we’re different. Better, if I do say so. I’m not trying to brag (maybe just a little) but you did find this page instead of any of our competitors’ pages. They are all trying to get your attention and sell you their service as well. But those are just words. Let me prove that we are the best SEO agency in Portland to you… with more words, but like, really good ones.


Here are some of the ways that we kick butt at SEO in Portland.

We are passionate about SEO and design.

We are a whitehat SEO agency local to Portland.

All of us are super competitive (Trust me this is important)

We’re super affordable so your ROI will be amazing.

We have the rankings to back up our claims.

We bill month to month so you can cancel at any time.

Our Process

Our Portland SEO Process

Getting Started With Our Portland SEO Experts

So by now you’re surely convinced of our expertise and want to know what the next step is. Once you contact us about SEO in Portland, we will get back to you super speedily and look over your site, Google rankings and talk about what exactly you’re looking for. If you decide at this point that you’re not ready to start, no worries. There’s no obligation.

Local Portland SEO Keyword Research

Once we figure all that jazz out, our SEO expert will design a custom SEO campaign plan for your site and get to work on it immediately. This almost always is going to start with keyword research and competitor research. We can’t know what keywords or phrases to target with your site if we don’t know which keywords are bringing in traffic and which ones aren’t. This will likely be a joint effort between you or a knowledgeable member of your team and one of our SEO agents in Portland, whether you meet in person, over the phone, computer, or via email.

It’s almost important to think about the difficulty of the keyword you are targeting, some search terms are such high competition that they aren’t even worth trying for, most of these won’t help your business that much anyways, despite what you might first think about them. That’s why after we build a keyword list, our SEO experts will analyze it for the most profitable and realistic keywords for you to focus on.

On Page SEO And Real Results in Portland

Once the keyword research and refinement phase is all over, now starts actual optimization. This is specific to each site, that’s why I called our SEO campaign plan for each client “custom”. Sorry, I can’t really get into specifics without explaining everything I’ve learned in all my years of search engine optimization.

You should expect to see some small SEO boosts for Portland searches pretty quickly and after a few months we should be able to get you onto the first page of Google for certain Portland related phrases. It’s that simple.

What happens when one of your competitors comes to us to help their business with Portland SEO? We turn them away. We promise to honor client seniority regardless of the amount of money offered by any party. If you have an open SEO account with us in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro… anywhere, we will not help others to beat you on the same keywords in the same areas.

If at any point during this process you’re unhappy with our service you can cancel at any time. No long term contracts. Every day you wait to get in touch is a day that you could have had more customers, so get started with the best Portland SEO agency, Umbrella Avenue, today.

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